49er Football

Football Final Statements

Chancellor's Recommendation to the board of Trustees
Chancellor's Football Statement to the Board of Trustees

Faculty Council Meeting Regarding Football

Remarks by UNC President Emeritus William C. Friday
Remarks by UNC President Emeritus C. D. Spangler, Jr.

Faculty Council Meeting Videos

Part 1 Faculty Council Meeting:

Part 2 Faculty Council Meeting:


Football Feasibility Committee Report

Letter to Chancellor Philip L. Dubois form Committee Chair Malcolm E. Everett III
Committee Recommendation to the Chancellor
Appendix 1: Committe Charge and Assumptions
Appendix 2: Charlotte 49ers Athletics
Appendix 3: UNC Charlotte Overview-Key Data Points
Appendix 4: Brainstorming Tree on the Addition of College Football
Appendix 5: Estimated Football Projections
Appendix 6: Proposed Football Student Fee Models
Appendix 7: The Economics Football
Appendix 7.pdf
Appendix 8: Evaluation of Business Community Reaction to Football
Appendix 9: Football Forum Key Themes
Appendix 10: Athletic Directors Survey
Appendix 11: UNC Charlotte Football
Appendix 12: Pertinent Articles about Football