Chancellor's "Fast Five" Update: September 22, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

Since my last update, we've had quite a lot going on. Here's a quick snapshot...

  1. We dodged a big Category 5 bullet a week or so ago and had an excellent opportunity to test-drive our brand new soon-to-be-officially-rolled-out crisis communication plan with the close call of Hurricane Irma. Hopefully you received our Niner Notice updates on the track of the storm. Here in Charlotte we came through relatively unscathed. Sadly, many of our neighbors to the south weren't nearly as fortunate. Thanks to those on campus who were mobilized to make sure that we were prepared and safe, and to those who have given generously to help others who found themselves directly in harm's way. Storms like Irma and Harvey are a great reminder that we must be vigilant with our preparedness and communication efforts.
  2. We celebrated Family Weekend last weekend with a parents' brunch and a football game. As fairly recent empty-nesters, Lisa and I always enjoy meeting the moms and dads of our students during their visits to campus and having the chance to encourage and commiserate with them. Our annual Chancellor's Brunch drew more than 600 parents and students.  ​
  3. Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown and Charles "Dee" O'Dell, co-chairs of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force, served as speakers for the ninth annual Bertha Maxwell-Roddey Distinguished Africana Lecture on September 20​. It was a great event and such a timely message​, coming as it did on the one-year​ anniversary of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the civil unrest and peaceful protest activity that followed. This event was one of several events conducted on campus this week to address issues related to community trust, equity, and opportunity.  
  4. Earlier today we welcomed UNC system president Margaret Spellings and several ​newly-elected members of the UNC Board of Governors for a brief visit and campus tour. They were sincerely impressed with our facilities and programs, and even more impressed with the students and faculty members they met during their time with us. A highlight of our tour was a visit to the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) where our guests heard from our new Executive Director, Mike Mazzola, and observed a simulation in grid management conducted by the Center's faculty and students.​
  5. On September 23-28, we will observe our second annual Founders Week, the time of year when we celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of what would become UNC Charlotte. This year marks the University's 71st birthday, and I hope to see you at some of the planned events around campus. 

Until next time, Go Niners!

Phil Dubois, Chancellor