Administrative Principles

Chancellor Dubois has set his expectations for University administration, faculty, and staff high, and he champions the following administrative principles and values in all University employees' day-to-day work:

Mission Driven

  • Decisions must be in the best long-term interest of the University as a whole (i.e., turf-based concerns need look elsewhere for support).
  • Values to value include integrity, honesty, openness, candor, and absolute respect for confidentiality.
  • Esse Quam Videri (North Carolina’s State Motto)—“to be rather than to seem.” (i.e., substance comes before spin).


  • Consult with affected constituencies and administrators before decisions are made.
  • Use Chancellor individually and Cabinet collectively as sounding boards for difficult decisions or issues.
  • Open and vigorous debate and discussion prior to decisions; faithful implementation thereafter.
  • Communicate and explain decisions made to constituent groups and affected administrators.


  • Respond promptly and openly to inquiries from the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, General Administration, elected representatives, and the media (but keep Chancellor and other affected administrators informed).
  • Listen positively; avoid defensive responses to criticism from on- or off-campus constituencies.
  • “Walk the Talk”—words must be backed by actions and behaviors.

Exemplary in Execution

  • Details Matter—in all that we do, aspire to exemplary execution and to representing UNC Charlotte in a first-class and professional manner.
  • "Uni-versity"—operate as a seamless institution, with integrated administrative procedures, services, and communications when serving our internal and external constituents.