UNC Charlotte's Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the University Foundation established the Distinguished Service Award in 1987 to honor those who have provided outstanding leadership and exemplary service to the Charlotte community and to the advancement of UNC Charlotte. Each recipient of the award receives a statue of a gold miner cast from a sculpture by Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

*Also received an Honorary Degree.

2018 Catherine P. Bessant
2017 Dianne English
2016 Ron Kimble
2015 Bob Morgan and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
2014 Belk Inc.
2013 Betty Chafin Rash and Dennis Rash
2012 Tony Zeiss
2011 Jim and Mary Babb
2010 Michael Marsicano
2009 Patricia (Pat) Rodgers
2008 Malcolm (Mac) Everett
2007 *Irwin Belk
2006 Sara Bissell
2005 Herman Thomas
2004 George Liles
2003 Peter Sidebottom
2002 James B. Garland
2001 Loy H. Witherspoon
2000 *Seddon (Rusty) Goode
1999 George Barrett
1998 Sally Dalton Robinson
1997 *Rolfe Neill
1996 Edwin L. Jones
1994 *Bonnie E. Cone
1995 Jonnie McLeod
1993 John Stedman
1992 William M. Barnhardt
1991 James W. Thompson
1990 Thomas I. Storrs
1989 *William S. Lee
1988 *John L. (Buck) Fraley
1987 *Thomas M. Belk
1987 *C. C. Cameron